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Enterprise Risk Intelligence

Predictive Data Monitoring

Predictive Data Monitoring

The collection of multitudes of different datasets then analysing them without the benefit of a common data structure, design or data tree.

Our mother ship; RMSS, has previously designed, invented and developed multiple dataset and user permission dashboards for authorised users of the RMSS Suite. Whilst this process delivers significant functionality and capability it of course only implied to users of the product. The challenge RMSS was now presented with from its user group was the ability to provide interactive and different dataset views by users that were not originally authenticated as part of the SSO/people integration resting API capability of the product. In summary, our client base wanted the ability for any of their stakeholders such as volunteers, members of the public, casual staff, contractors and existing staff that were not users of the product to be involved in the system of work and the associated workflow of the risk, compliance and enterprise event management process. Moreover, they wanted this to occur intuitively and automatically with our those stakeholders having to register logon provide specific information. So RMSS was faced with the challenge of creating cyber identification in order to extract analyse and digestive meta data associated with the email address, IP address and very little else in relation to this new group of stakeholders required to participate in the ERI process (enterprise risk intelligence). 


This ability to have analytical tools operating with complete anonymity but provide accurate cyber profiling and cyber recognition based on very little data indeed proved to be a significant challenge. At no point, could RMSS rely on standard software engineering practices or available techniques to deliver the cyber profiling of each user as they briefly touched the product as part of their involvement in a much bigger workflow and system of work. How were we to know who they were, where they were located, what their history was any with our clients organisation amongst many other significant challenges faced by the RSS research and development team.

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Cyber Profiling 

The Possibilities Are Endless

The term cyber profiling has previously been associated with the vetting of employees by specialist companies and recruiting organisations to confirm their credentials and background.


RMSS has engaged the concept of cyber profiling using advanced technology that delivers immediate business benefit by considerably enhancing the involvement experience of non-licensed users of the product. The RMSS Suite captures personal datasets that significantly streamline and authenticate non-licensed users as they participate in the workflows associated with risk, compliance and organisational event/incident management at client organisations.


RMSS delivers cyber profiling and cyber identity in its purest form; when there is a non-licensed user access /hit on the product (a person not contained within our accredited user base) then The RMSS Suite immediately understands, based on very little cyber data, who this person is in order to streamline and determine the most appropriate workflow. Using this limited cyber footprint The RMSS Suite collects, analyses and determines the specific workflow and access to information and dataset workflows this ‘casual user’ is able to gain access to.


The team at RMSS has gone beyond available technology that allows user credentials and profiles to be synchronised with authentication datasets or a pre-populated datasets.


Our innovation team defeated the challenge and have broken this widely accepted software development process by extracting the necessary criteria and information from the touch point of the user hitting the product URL and almost submissively being able to extract relevant criteria that forms the non-licenced user profile. The RMSS Suite overcomes the extreme challenge of using extracted criteria to instruct the product how to behave and what data, workflow and information that user can and should have access to.


The RMSS Suite effectively launches multiple technology tentacles into the IP address and email address to determine all factors that can possibly be determined in relation to proving the most appropriate access and ability to participate in the desired workflow. The innovation team invented the software engineering capability to discriminate the information received and discard irrelevant aspects but identify and then put into use relevant information that will then determine the datasets, information and workflow that this originally unknown user access.

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"The best way to predict the future is to understand the past"

Andrew Howarth

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  • ERI demonstration
    Wed, 29 Oct
    Online Event
    29 Oct 2025, 10:00 am GMT-7
    Online Event
    See the power of predictive data monitoring and other ERI features such as cyber profiling in a virtual presentation with CEO / Founder Andrew Howarth
    Thu, 15 Oct
    15 Oct 2020, 11:00 am AEST
    Much of our work and what we normally do have migrated in cyberspace. While the Internet has broken down the barriers of communication and brought us more connectivity, risks, old and new, undoubtedly continue to haunt us. We ask -Are we still safe? Hear what the experts have to say.
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